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Spectroline®, Long Wave U.V. Curing Lamps

Spectroline® Long Wave Ultra Violet (UV) Curing Lamps. These "Industrial Quality" Lamps will provide many years of reliable UV Adhesive Curing service. Our best sellers are the single bulb 4 watt SLXEA-140 and the larger double bulb 15 watt SLXXX-15A. For a portable battery operated Lamp the NEW 4 watt SLXUV4-B is highly recommended (requires 4 AA batteries - not included). For high volume production UV Curing the SLX3500C Maxima™ Ultra High Intensity 35 Watt Micro Discharge Lamp is a "Workhorse". This is the Lamp we use for UV Bonding in our own factory. Replacement Bulbs are available by clicking "ADD-ONS". For UV Resistant Safety Glasses select SLXUVF-30 or UV Resistant Face Shield select SLXUVF-80. For Lamps or replacement bulbs shown as not in stock, the availability is normally 5 to 7 days from the Spectroline® factory. Foreign voltage versions are available - call customer service at 800-875-7808 or email us at for pricing and availability.

SKU Size Power Inventory Add-ons Price
SLX3500C 35 Watt (Micro Discharge) 120 Sign in to view pricing
SLXEA-140 4 Watts (Single bulb) 120 Sign in to view pricing
SLXEA-160 6 Watts (Single Bulb) 120 Sign in to view pricing
SLXEA-180 8 Watts (Single bulb) 120 Sign in to view pricing
SLXUV4-B 4 Watts Sign in to view pricing
SLXUVF-80 Sign in to view pricing
SLXUVS-30 Sign in to view pricing
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